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1944 - 2008
She loved music, dancing, talking, writing, laughing, planting flowers, and taking photos.  She was outgoing, engaging, and incredibly witty.  She was a devoted mother of three. She loved spending time with children and had the amazing ability to connect with all types of people.  She attracted friends from near and far, and she always considered herself a citizen of the world. 

Anyone who knew Beija knew that she loved to make people laugh and she had the gift of gab.  But what many did not know was how talented a writer she was.  With her written words, she artfully expressed her love of life and her family and her passion for music.  She also poignantly described her challenges with and triumphs over physical and emotional pain. These words, too numerous to count, could fill volumes, but her essence is beautifully and profoundly expressed in the message captured in these few words.

In honor of our mother and in infinite gratitude, we invite you to…

"Live It, Give It . . . LOVE" 

How different the world would be if we all fully embraced the idea and did just that, in this moment, as we are.

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